Four Fundamentals

The Vital Four Fundamentals

Our methodology is based on Four Fundamentals: Adaptive Strategy, Effective Action, Vital Resources and a Healthy Team.

Adaptive Strategy
We believe that without a clear strategic plan growth is hard to achieve, and sustained growth is impossible. Market requirements, competitive pressures, disruptive technologies and behavioral shifts all demand not just a strategic plan, but one that can adapt to those changing parameters, wherever they come from. Depending on your size and type of business the strategy may be simply articulated or require a complex synthesis, but the end result is the same: a clear direction and a roadmap to follow.

Effective Action
But the best plan in the world is useless if you can’t or don’t execute cleanly, crisply, effectively. Knowing not just who, but how and is needed for success is critical for any size company in any industry. Driven by strategy but informed by results, execution becomes effective action, which leads to desired growth.

Vital Resources
Two topics that are often hard to talk about: money and people. Without the ability to invest, let alone sustain the business, growth is going to be a problem. Cash may come from better collection of receivables, a revamped pricing model or organizational changes that free up resources for more growth-oriented purposes. Sometimes improvement is a matter of realignment. Sometimes it’s the hard truth of a good, but under-performing or overmatched employee or executive. Regardless, without the right people in the right roles, all the money in the world won’t help the business.

Healthy Team
A healthy organization is a productive and profitable one, and its people are the primary contributors to good organizational health. The best benefits and working environment around doesn’t amount to much if your teams are dysfunctional, communicate poorly, are unclear of their responsibilities or if they see their senior management setting a poor example.

We use the Five Behaviors Model to help team members learn to work together more efficiently, effectively and functionally. We are an authorized partner for the Five Behaviors Model and welcome your inquires about how we can help you build a more functional team.


Our client base is diverse but they all share the same desire for healthy growth, a strong organization, and a clear strategic direction.