Interesting Third Party Content

McKinsey & Company
Change Leader, Change Thyself
by Nate Boaz and Erica Ariel Fox | March 2014

What The Hype Behind Embracing Failure is Really All About
by Rachel Gillett | September 2014

McKinsey & Company
Lead At Your Best
by Joanna Barsh and Johanne Lavoie | April 2014

The Atlantic
The Quirks of Smallness
by Joe Pinskeraug | August 28, 2014

McKinsey & Company
Three Steps to Building a Better Top Team
by Michiel Kruyt, Judy Malan, and Rachel Tuffield | February 2011

HBR Blog Network
4 Tips for Efficient Succession Planning
by Marshall Goldsmith | May 12, 2009

Stanford Graduate School of Business
How (Team) Conflict Goes Viral
by Lindred Greer | May 7, 2014

Gazelles Systems
How to Lead a Successful Weekly Meeting and Daily Huddle
by Tiffany Chepul | June 4, 2012

McKinsey & Company
The Organization that Renews Itself: Lasting Value from Lean Management
by David Jacquemont | February 2014

HBR Blog Network
Why Good Managers Are So Rare
by Randall Beck and James Harter | March 13, 2014

Gazelles Systems
Strong Core Values Drive Great Business Execution
by Patrick Thean | March 13, 2012