Huddle Meetings

Huddle meetings have the ability to maintain focus on the priorities you set. They make accountability easier and provide a forum for repairing relationships that are strained (talking things out always beats allowing grudges to ferment).

Done well, they take 10-15 minutes. Done well, people share what they are working on, what they’ve succeeded at and where they are stuck. They also facilitate setting up a separate meeting to deal with “stucks.”

The ideal frequency depends on your team’s difficulty with accountability. Teams that are relatively new may need daily huddles until all members can be expected to work on their priorities independently. I don’t like to go more than a week between huddles, just the same, in case a “stuck” is left unattended.

Huddles are a powerful management tool. Especially when combined with clear expectations, clearly communicated. Make your life easier by implementing a daily or weekly huddle.