Double Your Bottom Line!

Doubling your bottom line is no easy task. You know that, or you wouldn’t be reading this. We get that.

What we see in the marketplace is that most all organizations work on being smart. They work hard in technology, operations, marketing, finance, etc. Using skills learned while getting an MBA.

Many of us gravitated to areas where we could calculate improvements. Figure something out. We work hard to be smart. Being smart may well drive your current bottom line.

There is another tool CEOs can help their organizations employ, beyond smart. That is becoming healthy. What does that mean? What do healthy organizations look like?

They’re places where morale and productivity are high and politics are low. People enjoy coming to work 9 out of 10 days.  Employees are passionate about the organization’s purpose and share a core set of values. It’s where priorities and expectations are crystal clear, for everyone.

Since these are the items can’t be calculated, we tend to shy away from them. There’s the rub. One way to approaching doubling your bottom line is to ensure your management team is a healthy, high functioning one. We all want to think that’s the case, but we must be brutally honest which is best for the organization.

So where do you start?  We believe the CEO is responsible to make sure that the right people are around the management table. We define “right” as meaning they share the core values, they have the right experience and skills. They are okay with being wrong, and only want what is best for the organization.

An effective management team provides the most leverage to achieve organizational goals.

Top managers set the pace of the organization. You know that. They beat the drum within the organization. We must work actively to develop the management team. No doubt they are good people; they have the right background the necessary skills. But few have been trained, really trained to work well together.

We often take teams though Pat Lencioni’s Five Dysfunctions of a Team. This is an effective way to get folks working better together. It provides concepts, tools and language to use to improve team functioning.

Back to the CEOs, it’s her job to manage the management team. One of the CEO’s main responsible is to bring good decision-making unit to the table. One CEO we know sees himself as just one other vote around the table. Letting the team identify and passionately debate the big issues.

This CEO does hold a veto, which is seldom used. The process itself, however, is part of team development.  Drawing people out to get a more robust perspective and engages more minds. Better decisions result.

So in closing, promote, develop and ensure the health and effectiveness of your entire team. Double your bottom line by being both smart AND HEALTHY.

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