Business Lessons from Super Bowl XLVIII

Wow, not much of a contest, was it?  What can we learn as business people from Seattle’s victory?

First thing that came to my partner’s mind was that we witnessed a simple plan well executed.  There wasn’t a lot of flash.  The Seattle defense got after Denver.  Their offense moved the ball.  Yes, there were a couple of misdirection plays, but for the most part it was straight forward smash mouth football.

Offense is sexy.  Sales is sexy.  Manning had set records in passing yardage and touchdowns.  So what?  His offense was ineffective all night.

Same thing can happen with sales.  We can set records, yet not get the right product or service shipped.  How often has your top line exceeded budget while the bottom line was under water?

We need to execute in all areas; offense, defense, special teams, coaching to win the big games.  Sales, production, development, finance, leadership must all be at the top of their game and work as a team.  A season of excellence in one area will not mask issues in the others with big opportunities on the line.

Keep the plan simple and execute it.  Don’t try to get fancy.  Do what you do very well and success will more often be yours.