When doing something new, seek some perspective

by Dr. Donald N. Sweet

Whether you’re entering a new market, investing in new technology, or hiring to staff a new department, try to seek out some perspective from people you trust who have walked down that road.  All of us come up with new ideas, enter into new situations willingly, but too few of us seek perspective early.  My wife would tell me that’s a guy thing, we never ask for directions.  She may be right.

Recently I was pulled over in a speed trap and given a ticket.  They had the wrong guy; I had just gotten on the road from an access ramp.  As a result I didn’t pay the fine and elected to have my day in court.  Bringing some simple documentation to show where I had come from, why it couldn’t be me, I relied on just being right.  I never asked for a perspective from someone knowledgeable about how those things usually work.  The judge found me guilty; I have to pay the fine.

Hindsight being so good, I now understand where I went wrong.  Has that ever happened to you in your business?  We’re all so busy we don’t slow down and think about how to improve the odds where it really matters.  The ticket was no big deal, but expanding into a lateral product offering could be, just like setting up a satellite office in New Jersey, or any other number of actions.

So don’t make my mistake, ask for help, ideas and perspective from people in the know before plunging into a new endeavor.  As Verne Harnish, Founder and CEO of the Gazelles, often says, “He who taps into the most minds wins!”  Tap into more minds and enjoy your success.