“Over the past year I have had the privilege of being part of the CEO Growth Forum led by Don Sweet and Brad Lebo. The name, “CEO Growth Forum” is a really double-entendre…there is a direct goal of learning best practices for growing your business, while at the same time providing an opportunity for individual leadership growth for participants. I have taken away both practical and inspirational lessons that have made a difference in my organization and also helped me to develop greater leadership capacity and results. This has been an invaluable experience on so many levels and worth every minute spent with this group!”

Lois Skillings
President and CEO
Mid Coast Health Services

“In the past six months working with Don Sweet and Brad Lebo of Vital Growth Consulting Group and the Gazelles program, our company has completely taken charge of our destiny. Up until now, you could say that our company was just an accidental success. The question was, would we keep having positive accidents? Now, we know exactly where we are, who we are, what we are doing and why. We are accomplishing more in a month of managing the business under the Gazelle’s principles than we accomplished in a year of our old habits. Thanks Don and Brad for showing me the path!”

Bill Becker,

“Dr. Sweet was instrumental in helping to us dramatically improve the profitability of our business. He clearly understood our basic issues and provided an excellent program to drive our improvement. I’d recommend him to any business owner looking to improve performance.”

Gene Torvend
President and Owner
Shelburne Plastics

“Membership in the Inner Circle has been invaluable for my business. This group of peers not only holds me accountable for the commitments I make to myself and my business, but they offer support, encouragement and insights when I encounter a personal or professional challenge. When necessary, this group of peers will also challenge my assumptions, question my motives, call my bluff or hold my feet to the fire. As a member of the Inner Circle, I have completed a vision quest. The vision quest is a process designed to help business owners create a plan for their business that is built on and consistent with their personal values. Going through the process required a great deal of time and thoughtful attention. It also requires you to share your personal vision quest with the group. The result is well worth the effort. The process does help clarify business goals. But it does more than that. The vision quest process helps you look at your business through a personal lens. The definition of success goes well beyond the bottom line. Success incorporates personal values, satisfaction and work-life balance. And the act of sharing this vision quest with a group of peers is incredibly powerful. But a group such as the Inner Circle is only as effective as its facilitators. This is where Don Sweet and Brad Lebo shine. Together, they have created an environment that allows for open and honest communication. In addition to a wealth of knowledge and years of experience, each brings a slightly different approach and perspective to the discussion. Their diverse but complimentary experiences add depth to the discussion and value to the experience.”

Erica Holthausen
Joppa Communications

“Don has been a great asset to my company. He has very detailed and practical business knowledge. He is very creative in his approach to problems. He is very trustworthy and reliable. I would highly recommend Don Sweet to anyone seeking to improve their business.”

John Regan
Wall Industries, Inc.

“Vital Growth’s CEO Growth Forum has helped me stay focused on my highest and best use in running my company. As all the businesses are somewhat different it has also provided a unique collaborative learning environment with other business owners that I don’t think I would have found elsewhere. Beyond that, Sweet and Lebo are top notch!”

David Eddy
NEFCO Fire Investigations

“I am grateful for what I have already learned from Brad & Don and have the benefit of this knowledge that the others before me didn’t have.  I am so impressed with both of you and the group.  Friday after our meetings,  I am so re-energized and feel the need to share everything with my staff.  It has been a great experience.”

Janet Atkins
Executive Director
Avis Goodwin Community Health Center

“Don Sweet helped us improve our bottom line and balance sheet to prepare our company for sale. He identified several strategic buyers and led the complicated negotiations for a very successful sale. I found him to be extremely trustworthy, ethical and easy to work with.”

Les Judd
Tibbetts Industries, Inc.

“In our medical product and service marketplace we can’t afford to make a major mistake – particularly with key team member decisions. Dr. Lebo gave us both insight into our combined potential and a conversational framework to apply it. Without both pieces, I suspect we’d have promptly reverted to our well-hewn ways. Instead, we now better understand what makes us tick organizationally, and what key personal attributes our management team requires.”

Robert Weathersby
Order Optimizer, an Intercede Health Company

“As a sales manager at a global technology firm, I work with many different types of people from varying backgrounds and cultures. Great effort goes into understanding the people I interact with on a daily basis. While focusing on the motivations of other people, it is easy to overlook the most important person that will impact my success; myself. Developing a better understanding of myself and how I am motivated is a critical aspect of personal and professional development. Dr. Lebo has made me aware of areas of strength and identified areas for further development within myself professionally. He has also helped me better understand challenges I face in my career by illuminating the underlying motivational factors at play within myself.”

Robert Wiles
North American Inside Sales Manager
Rochester Electronics, LLC

“Don just recently led a strategic planning meeting for the New Hampshire High Technology Council. The program was thoroughly prepared and managed extremely well, with the result of an action plan that the Council can now put into place.”
Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Good Value

Carol Stephens
Executive Director NHHTC

“Don was critical in guiding me in the purchase of Kearsarge Party of Concord. He is very insightful. He is on his game and 100% all about business. I look forward to working with Don on additional projects.”
Top qualities: Great Results, Expert

Michael Parkin
Event Tent Rentals NH MA ME

“In a relatively short period of time Don Sweet has made an immediate impact on my firm’s 10 year strategy. Each idea or suggestion Don has provided has been driven by an understanding my core values and with positive results fully in mind. The installation of metrics and a deeper level of accountability has helped ensure that my organization’s short-term priorities are in line with reaching long-term goals.”
Top qualities: Great Results, Expert

David Stout
Web Marketing NH MA ME