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When times are Uncertain: Strengthen Business Fundamentals

by Dr. Donald N. Sweet

What does the latest economic turbulence mean for the economy and your business?  Who knows!  As we all listen to the pundits we get very different messages.  The bottom line is no one knows for sure what is going to happen in general, let alone how it will affect [...]

Democrats or Republicans, Sales or Operations: How Business and Government are Similar

by Dr. Donald N. Sweet

Have you ever seen a business that reminds you of our Federal Government? I was at a management meeting of a business facing some difficult financial issues, not unlike our country in broad strokes? In these businesses, like in our country, the management meeting features two factions arguing with [...]

Business Advisory Boards

Recently we’ve had a couple of clients ask us if they should have an advisory board and, if so, how they should go about building it.  First, we think all businesses should have an advisory board.  Perspective and experience on a wide variety of issues is an important commodity for a business owner to [...]